“The Sun Also Rises”

  May 2nd, 2008 by Trinity

Life hasn’t always been so depressing for me, I used to be a very outgoing, really funny child, and happy person. I had really great friends and a close family back then. People understood me, and I understood people. Things have changed though…my life has taken a turn for the worst, and I am completely out of control of it.

I really wish there was no such thing as disease and suffering. I’m sick of suffering from this horrible disease, no one understands me or what I’m going through, I just can’t take the pain anymore….

Evolution is a cruel but beautiful process which creates suffering and bliss. I would love to be an optimistic person who believes in God and equality, but I just cannot ignore the truth. The truth is that every man is not created equal, a lot depends on where your born, under what conditions, and what genes you are born with. I wish we could end disease and suffering for the human spirit, but that’s just part of evolution. If their was no suffering, there would be no progress for humans, the world, and the universe. However, this is our reality, and we should not lie to ourselves about it. I cannot tell myself that there is an intelligent creator responsible for this imperfect world, otherwise why would this entity create inequality and suffering? I just cannot believe this without any evidence…

I’m sick of people telling me that there is justice in the world. There’s no justice in the world, and there never was. I cannot blame a make belief higher power for the suffering of millions of people, I just can’t. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not completely jaded, I really hope that evolution and the human spirit will lead the future generations toward a more just society with less disease and suffering, I really do. As for me though, I know the truth, and I’m sick of the suffering and pain I am enduring, I’m ready to do myself and mother nature a favor. They say ignorance is bliss, well I guess that I’m just not ignorant enough. At least I know the truth before I die.

Ernest Hemingway once stated beautifully though, “The Sun Also Rises”. There will be pain and suffering in this world, but there will always be a new day, birth of a new generation, and the world will continue on…farewell world, continue on without me.

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