I just want somebody to want me

  November 13th, 2008 by joey

Im 15 years old my best friend died about 10 months ago from a drunk driver. Ever sense he died iv been going threw depression. My mom try’s and helps me deal with it by taking me to see therapist but it doesn’t help. The girl Im in love with broke up with me and hasn’t talk to me in about 3 months,(and she can care less about how I am or how I feel) and she was the only person who could make me smile and the only person I could talk to. Im sick of feeling depressed and I just want to die and kill myself. The only thing I had to look forward in life were football, my best friend and the girl I love and I lost all of that got a concussion and can’t play football for the rest of my life best friend was killed and his dad who was like my dad because I haven’t seen my dad in 11 years and I lost the girl I love. So there so point of me living anymore, each and everyday I go threw depression I don’t get good grades in school and all I really want is for somebody to need me for a change and want me and to love me.

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