August 20th, 2009 by Looney

Good evening to all my fellow suiciders and i hope that everything is at your liking.  Times may get a little rough and may cause you to fall short of being victorious but don’t let something as small break someone so big.  Everyone has a special purpose and meaning in life, we all just have to try and solve the mystery before giving up and calling it what it is.  Times may be tough and there are no promises that are promised to you, so don’t wait around thinking that suicide would resolve your issues and cause people to care even more.  Instead write down your thoughts on paper or even better continue your work here at suicide project and find the inner person inside you.  Try and find out what makes that person within tick and what makes that person happy.  Try and heal yourself with the overwhelming power of music, get involved in some activities around you. 

            No one will care and they don’t entend to care for some person who is going to depression, that is the way the world is and there is nothing that you nore i can do about it.  What we can do as a team and as a unique group is incourage each other and give advice.  We can be more than friends and achieve the worlds largest growing socail networking website dedicated to us (the outcast) so they call us.  we are no different from the kids born everyday and we have no poor judgment or mental condition.  some of us have been mistreated, abused, tampered with in an inappropriate way, and others may just be tired of losing to everything and losing everyone.  Life has suprises and lets just say “suprise”. here is your first gift from me.  We can be friends and together we can help each other through this.  No i don’t get paid to listen to you nore do i hate it.  Im doing this because i know how it feels and i would rather tell someone i know has been in my shoes than someone who has no clue what im going through and all they care about is their paycheck.  Email me at or gmail i look forward to talking with you and hope that you feel the same.  farewell my fellow suiciders and i hope that the next time you feel suicidle, youll “hit me up” . 

Thanks for your support:

PFC Anthony T. Kimble

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