what the fuck

  October 13th, 2009 by Mizzexclusive

my mom is tryin to get me a job at her hospital….i mean i am greatful but she is giving me hell in the process and she wil continue to give me hell in the future. they drug tested me the other day and i smoke weed everyday….i didnt knw i was going to be drug testd and i had no choice but to pee. when she finds out she will maybe kick me out and thats when my suicidal thoughts will start to kick in….it fuckin sucks man. i hate this shyt. i used to be so happy and now im miserable. sex has taken my life away drugs has taken my life away and the people i surrounded my self has taken my life away…im still vouching for 2 out fo the 3 so im slowly but surely taking my own damn life away.

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