Cancer riddled friends

  March 31st, 2010 by 77evergone77

my dear old friend is cancer ridden
some visible yet others hidden
his presence scares me
hemakes me wary
a lasting friendship seems forbidden

unable to do much in agony
he cannot pay for therapy
this friend, he’s so kind
he deserves to unwind
but his mother remains his enemy

my friend has now lost his friendlyy glow
and the sight of him fills me with woe
he’s such a good friend
why must this end?
Just the thought of his death is my foe

now my skin is cold, my lips are blue
the bottle lays empty, cap unscrewed
he shouldn’t have gone
now it won’t be long
till I am gone, oh what did I do?

I look away the pains for relief
my life is over I’ve made it brief
done to ease my pain
I lost instead of gained
this is proof that love only causes grief

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