Away from here

  April 8th, 2010 by 77evergone77

To escape from the slits in my skin
Would be too much to ask 
The perfect therapy
Letting evrything drain away
Just with a little stain. 
So if you want to
Save me.
Take me to the place
where I can be free
Where pain can’t find me.
Where the rivers aren’t salty with tears
And don’t empty to a sea
Red with blood.
A place where words are uselese
Because feelings tell the story.
There are no misunderstandings
No abuse
No pain. 
There is no worry
And no chance of being
Too late.
Take my hand 
Take me to the place I long for
Take me to you.
Lead me.

The road is paved with bloody steel
And broken glass. 
The trail is littered with lies
Lost causes wander along the egdes
And haunting memmories croud the center
With careless whispers
And glinting eyes
They call me.

I stand ouside a locked gate
And look in
At the horrors 
Is this the road ahead?
Is this the path I must take?
Will I ever make it to the place?
To you?
I can’t
Take my hand
Take me there. 
To the only place I can be safe
From me.  

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