don’t know what to do

  May 8th, 2010 by unbelieveabletruths

My dad has been sick for a long while now. So its just me taking care of my dad. However I do have an older sister, who does absolutely nothing, but go out and see her friends. I do everything for him nowadays. And all he ever says is, why don’t you grow up, or stop being a ***** and help out for once like your sister. Then my sister tells everyone I don’t do anything at home, I don’t help, I just sit there and watch. Which is absolutely not true!!! So last night my dad yells for help, and I rush to his side. He says “I really am sorry” and I answer him “why?” he goes on and on then before he finishes he says “wait is this Beth(name changed)?” and I answer ” No dad, its Me your youngest.” afterwards he gives off a big sigh and angrily says “where the hell is your sister?!” I respond saying ” she’s not home as usual” then rolls over and tells me to go away. He’s been like this for so long, and I’m always the one who’s there. I’ve tried to kill myself several times and I have not succeeded each time all they said is, “You only think about yourself you stupid girl.” So here I am, and I don’t know what to do. Someone help me please?

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