Helium Method Validity

August 20th, 2010by schmim64

I’ve read the book called the final exit among others that talk about the exit bag with helium method.  The claim is that the bag will keep the oxygen gone and the helium tricks our brain into thinking we’re still getting oxygen so we don’t hyperventilate or what have you.  Also it is said that the helium is supposed to be odorless.  I came across this post on another site today:

I recently tried to exit using the helium method. I couldn’t stand it and  yanked the bag off.  The gas was NOT ‘innocuous and odorless’ as the Humphrys/Final Exit crowd had led me to believe.  It felt like inhaling poison gas.  Made me nauseous, headachey, and there was a terrifying feeling of falling through space.  Now I am suffering, not from fear of death, but from fear of the ways of getting there.

Then I came across this other post on this site:

So, after much studying and self analysis, I came across the helium hood method that I seemed comfortable with. I also bought the book, The Final Exit and it seems to be the preferred method in there. What happens is, you fill a bag with helium and put if over your head (specific instructions not detailed from me here as they are long and you can find them online), and within 7-9 seconds you become ‘braindead’ so you pass out, then you die within 20 minutes. I did this, following all the instructions (minus one small one that I have included further down) and I remember putting the bag over my head (after 1.5 days of literally sitting there trying to get the strength to do it), and feeling that it smelt and felt fine, so I immediately relaxed. I can only remember the first 2-3 seconds so I must have passed out very quickly. Then I woke up 12 hours later with the helium tanks empty and the hood placed next to me, and vomit on the bed. I was DEVASTATED because I was absolutely sure that if only I could find the strength to pull the hood over my face, I would die. But yet again, I didn’t.

It might seem good in theory but in practice it looks like this method could have problems.  Ideally if I were to choose suicide I would want it to be painless and guaranteed to work assuming no outside intervention of course.   Based on these testimonies though I do have my doubts.  I don’t want any attempt to result in failure and me being retarded and living off a feeding tube the rest of my life, if you know what I mean.

Basic questions:

Will I feel a sense of panic before I die?

Will I throw up?

Will my unconscious mind try to remove a bag on my head?

What’s the likelihood of success in a method like this?

What ways would increase the likelihood of success?

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