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Serendipity my ass.

by 3_bringitback

You have no idea what you’ve done, how fragile I am. Teenage infatuation, still hurts. What did I do? Tell me, what the fuck did I do? Did I misinterpret you’re constant messaging, you’re constant complimenting, the way you got jealous when I mentioned another guy? Did I actually think for one moment, one second that you might like me? Yeah, guess I was completely wrong.

I’ve known you for a month, and somehow, you make me feel worthless, not good enough. I’ll have forgotten your name in less than a year. But right now? It hurts like fuck.

I was already slipping, and you just fucking kicked me off the edge. I’m falling, and you won’t even think that for a second, that maybe we could get along, be friends. We didn’t talk for hours straight because you hated me, you LIKED talking to me. How the hell can that change? I didn’t fake my personality, and I don’t think you did either.

I give up, on you. I thought I was finally getting better, I was throwing punches and they were actually hitting the target. You convinced me to let my guard down, and now? Now it’s fighting back. And I’m loosing. Because of you.

Go die in a hole.

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