I have a problem…

  August 26th, 2011 by imyouroldman

OK so here’s the deal.  Last week I had planned everything, purchased everything and set up everything to check out this past Saturday.  Obviously it didn’t happen.  Why?  Simple!  Once I knew everything was in place that I just had to go to the closet and *poof*, I became calm, relaxed etc.  In the middle of that peacefulness, an idea come to me.

Took about a day for me to fully embrace the idea.  Made sure I wasn’t just teasing myself unrealistically.  The major thing that will cure me?  Get out of the dead end little fucking mill town and my dead end little fucking mill job and go somewhere and make some serious coin.

SO, I am all ready to go….cept….cept…..


I cannot make myself update my resume.  Problem is, I don’t have it stored on my computer(it’s on an old one that I do not have access to.  So I need to key everything back in. Everytime I think about it, it brings me down.  Takes the air out of my lungs and I am powerless to do anything.  WTF???

Never had a problem like that ever before.  I don’t know what I need to get past this roadblock I PUT UP, but I need to figure it out fast or…………..









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