Talking to Me

  August 30th, 2011 by SuicideKillMe

Hello… Are you okay? Do you need some cheering up. Or you just having a difficult time right now? Its okay if you ask me to leave i understand. Why do you always put yourself down? Is your self esteem that low? Do you not like the way you look? Is this the way you always feel? The way you are you look so alone. So empty. So not full of life. Do you want a smile on your face or am i just asking you to much questions. Its okay if your quiet annoy with me. I find myself pretty annoying too. Does it seem quiet insane? That i am the only one here. That im just standing here talk to my reflection. Is it that obvious my friends are not here right now? Do they even wanna be around me at all. Am i that much of a bother to everyone? Should i just die in the corner where no one can see me? Hang by some rope in the middle of the room where i can be visble to everyone. Would they even notice at all that im dying here? Would they call for help or would they just walk away like everyone else around me? I dont want to be here any longer than i have already have been. I dont want to bother people any longer. I want to disappear from everyone’s lives so they wouldnt have to worry about me, see me, or even hear me any longer than i have. I’m sorry. Im very sorry i waste your time. But when i die… you wont have to hear my problems anymore.

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