do i dont i leave a note

  September 1st, 2011 by lonelyman

Will leaveing a exit note to my 4year old ( to be opend when she 21) and my wife i mean soon to be xwife ( the reason i need to go ) and family be helpfull to them or make it harder for them.
Thay will know why anyway i have been a deppresd for 3 months and wanting to do this since then.
Any comments or experiences with exit notes will be helpfull.
How many paintball gun tanks will i need. n2. To fill my car to do the job, dont think i could put a bag or mask over my head.carnt find any big tanks of the stuff. Or should i just run a hose from my exhaust through the window.
Would like to od but i have read that it is a hard way to try due to easy failer. But i would find pills easyr
Any advise on this would also be good as if i fail i dont want brain damage
before i go i intend to teach my little girl to ride a bike an takeher on afew days out to tell my family i love them have a day out them meet my wifes new man and give him my blessing or brake his legs wont know tell i meet him.and tie up some loose. ends.she is better with out me, every one a
failer.i only have 15 days tops as she is with him now
Evreything i touch turns to poo allways has, lucky she stayed with me for 9 years

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