help me

  September 1st, 2011 by someonesad

hi im 13  and id just like some advice. 

umm i used to have a pretty normal life until three years ago when my family got pulled apart by a youth protection thing. some of my other family members called them because my mum was drinking and heavily abusing me. shes stopped the drinking but the abuse continues not physical but verbally. i now am not allowed to see my family and it may not sound like much but its extremely hard! 

I’ve tried killing myself multiple times.  i cry like everyday and every-time i try to talk about it i get shut down, mum goes into poor me poor me or whatever, like i’m not understanding her. i do but she will not think of it from my perspective. they were there for me when my mum and dad weren’t / still aren’t. dad just shuts me down and backs mum um all the time. i need some advice before it drives me over the edge . please help me

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