Writhing in the Abyss ov Eternal Suffer.

  September 25th, 2011 by Malfeitor

Been almost a year since I last posted on here.

The morbid thoughts and fascinations still linger through my mind as the catalyst as a result of life long suffering.

My dreams are what reality is to me, everything else to me is an illusion; a waste of time, space.

Or am I the waste of time, space? I concur.

My faults, leave only a trail of disaster & ruins behind…

Now that I have lost all that was left of value to me, I stand before the gates of death, and stare into its gaze.

To merge with the shadows, complete & utter Darkness, forever, in life & beyond Death.

They speak to me, the darkness is my brethren, their hands grasp at my useless despicable existence.

I will become them.

I want to dismember my limbs with a hacksaw, viciously cutting through ligaments, & cartilage.

Shivers will jolt up my spine & throughout my body, as the cold snow beneath me glistens red.

The final push, pumping the biscuit in my mouth, as it exits, shattering the skull into fragments, which land around me.

My brains spilling out onto the cold earth, providing food for maggots,

Those maggots will be happy, something I can finally please. Finally.

Let my repugnant lifeless corpse, provide nutrients for life all around me, so that I may disappear forever..

To not be known about to anybody, nobody will wonder, nobody will care, if they find out, those that I loved,

Will be extremely happy.

I can finally be one with darkness.

I will not even remain a memory.







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