October 21st, 2011 by Ilovemyson

The first time i thought of suicide when i was 13 everyone stared at me while holding my 9 month old. Little did they know that I was raped. When everyone look at me I could hear them saying WOW she’s a Slut or she’s just a complete whore. With everyone calling me those nasty names I thought I would be better off dead, Knowing that my son would be better off with someone caring and loving. So that next night i went to my Basement and try hanging myself. I was so lucky my mom found me half way alive or I wouldnt be able to see my son grow up and say his first word. Dnt let people bring you down. If they talk say stuff to you walk away. They just wanna feel big, If u need help or advice send me a email at im always avaible. 🙂

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