against all odds.

  November 15th, 2011 by cws971

For each person that comments on this post, please pick 1 number between 1-49.

Iv been playing the lottery for the last 4yrs, I came close to winning twice… they say money can’t buy happiness? well maybe true, but it sure hell would make life alot better. I have severe social anxiety for the longest time now, I havn’t worked in over 7years… I always dream of winning the lottery. and moving far away from all the ppl that have done me wrong… If you strongly believe in something it will come true, no matter how much is against you! I need 7 numbers, 1-49 I will be playing them for a month or so, next draw is 50mill If I win… I will be mailing the people that posted on here a nice check! 🙂

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