November 30th, 2011by cj

Today, I was talking to one of my brothers (a great friend). We shared some time after lunch talking about our faith, and praying to God.

One of the stories I shared is one that is close to my heart. A little duck was in a pond. He was surrounded by many other ducks swimming so peacefully around him. He was struggling and seeing how hard it is to stay afloat. It is not so easy to paddle to stay a float, so he decided to let go. He started drowning, and while he was looking underwater, he noticed that everyone else also was struggling to stay afloat. You see, it is obvious that you are not the only one with problems. Everyone has problems even though some of those problems are different, and some have problems worse than others.

One thing I find that helps is to read biographies of other people. You find out that they also had to deal with different issues, problems and all sorts of challenges, and that they made awful mistakes, and those who are still alive do still mess up from time to time.

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