Daily Dragdowns

  November 10th, 2011 by sunbird

I’m getting closer to my chosen date,but just wanted to vent freely where its uncensored…LOL.

The following are some “events” that happened today(some significant,some not) that remind me of what I will not miss when I am gone.

1.Idiot Parents and the School Bus- It used to be that children were able to wait for the bus or-gasp-WALK to school on their own. Not anymore. Now,parents have decided that bus time is social time,and they LOVE to take over the driveway/street where the precious vehicle is scheduled to stop.Their cars sprawl out everywhere-who cares if someone else needs to get through? And whatever space their SUV’s don’t occupy,their fat bodies and strollers do.(BTW,the strollers are for the kids WAITING FOR THE BUS. GOD FORBID the little brats should have to stand up a minute longer than necessary-they might actually burn the calories that they are sucking down while waiting for the bus). if that’s not enough,the parents take their time loading their precious cargo onto/off the bus,and decide that that moment is a GREAT time to chat to the driver/kid/etc-especilly when the bus is blocking traffic with its stop sign. Who cares about everyone else on the road trying to get somewhere?

2.Women Showing Off Their Children-Yes,you are good enough for someone to marry and procreate with.Must you gloat in that fact by asking others when they plan to do the same? Not everyone is as lucky as you,*****.

3.Suicide Hotline Volunteers-Why I waste my time,I dont know.But instead of listening to what I have to say,each one seems to have a script that they are bound and determined to get read in the call’s allotted time. “Yesyouneedtoseeyourdoctorandhavefaithandknowthatitsnotyouitshimsomoveonandputyourselfoutthereyouareabeautifulpersonyoudontknowwhattommorrowwillbringsocheerupandhaveagoodday.”

I’m  rolling my eyes 5 minutes into the call and wishing I had a gun by minute 10. By minute 12,I’m even praising Jesus just to end the useless tirade.

Some random thoughts,I know,but just wanted to share.

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