Im back from the living dead

  November 2nd, 2011 by Knightofdoom

SOmething keeps takin me back here
I barely post anymore cause i dont have the word to explain it and am leaving my feelings in a dark place, i tried living with my emotions but i was silent all the time and it started to piss people off. I left society, school and family problems and dwelled with my will to die alone in my room, it made the life around me harder with every one’s disapointment and disaproval. I don’t talk to theripist cause ive Had many before and look at me now. not saying i wouldnt but whats the point if i wanna die. Ive stop telling people i want to die, cause it like hearing a broken record ” this a reason you living, I just keep going…..” then left unsatisfyed with the answer. Cause i wanna die, cause though sometimes life can be great, most all the time im pain over powers , happiness as thought it was never there. I just wanna be set free into the light. I may not talk about it anymore, but its all i thInk about.
How are all of you? There some new people
I sometimes read you post, you should know were all listening

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