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i hate….

by justwannahelp112

i hate when people say killing yourself is selfish… its not!!! When i think about it i always think about all the people who say its selfish… but y is it selfish??? its a way out… its peace for people who r in pain…

Speaking of pain i noticed something about my self… when people try to get close to me i push them away b/c im afraid ill hurt them or they will hurt me… i dont want to drag them into the pit im in and i dont want them to try to hurt me any worse then i already am…


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MrMustard 5/6/2012 - 9:18 pm

It’s selfish because you get out but you leave people behind to deal with that pain. I feel like that alone has stopped me before. Hurting my family would be far worse than feeling the pain myself.

justwannahelp112 5/6/2012 - 9:46 pm

well i guess its different depending on how close people r to their families… my mother doesnt care about me and my dad does, he just has problems of his own…. i only see him Summers, every other spring break, and every other christmas… my friends dont care b/c they r all to wrapped in there own lives… im very lost…

lifesucksihateit 5/6/2012 - 9:54 pm

the belief that suicide is a selfish act has stopped me from actually doing it what sucks the most is that deep in my heart i know that there are people that genuinely care about me like my parents or family overseas but why cant they just let me be? and I know that it will hurt them if only….i dont know i ..i always heard stories of people saying if only he or she held on they would not missed this such and such experience or opportunity for example the day of my suicide a long lost friend may ask for me the next day or an opporutnity would present itself that idea makes me hold on at least a little more the miniscule hope i have left is that somehow if i post pone it for a little more better things will present itself in my life I am not sure if my reply helped you but is honestly how i feel at this moment

MrMustard 5/6/2012 - 10:05 pm

I don’t see my family except maybe once a year, but I can imagine what affect it would have on me if they hurt themselves and it makes me cringe.

the Guardian 5/6/2012 - 10:51 pm

The real trouble with the idea of suicide being selfish is this;
At first it creates resiliency, yes you might hang on longer because you feel guilty.
Eventually though that guilt just becomes more pain that you have to cope with, and suicide is a way to take control and end your pain.

The real question is this:

Given a choice would you rather trade your suffering for peace or death?

In other words if you could be free of suffering but still be alive would you do it?

You have the power.
This is your choice.
Om shanti

tiredinusa 5/7/2012 - 3:59 am

Suicide is a very selfish act, my father killed himself 13 years ago. I finally understand why he did what he did. Sometimes life is unbearable, I see that now. And I have forgiven him and am no longer mad at him. Right now life really sucks, and I have the same thoughts. Since my mother passed away i figure, I have no parents anymore so really whats the point of this life? I can’t find one………

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