October 2nd, 2012by oemh

SO IM THE GIRL WHO  everyone sees laughing and smiling and looks lke she perfect. but im not at all i have a d+ in social and a c in choir my brother was on the honor roll all of his year of juinoir high and is still on it in highschool. my “bestfriend” said that we werent friend any more because she likes someone but they like me and she started a rumor saying that i had sex with him like serously people come on ima seventh grader here! ive been deppressed on adn off for a bout 2 years but last summer(2011) it got really bad and the worst part was that my parents didnt even notice i remebered days that i would cry all day long and not eat. im tired of trying to act perfect im soo done with life im gonna flunk anyway you know why??? because im the skanier little whore whos so dumb she got a c in choir and whos bestfriend called her a slut! while everyone was watching and thanks soooooo much because that made me feel perfect you know because ur the skinny blonde one who getts everything she wants!:”””'( PLEASE HELPP!! IM SO CLOSE T OENDING MY LIFE IVE TRIED BEFORE BUT I COULDNT GO THROUGH WITH IT WAS LIKEA BATLLE BETWEEN MY MIND AND HEART PLEASSE. I COOULD DO IT REALLY FAST AND NOT FEEL ANYTHING AT ALL

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