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i know.

by Tormenting Dreams

I know the love, I know the hate.
I see the pain that I can create
Ive been low, ive ran on slow
I have no place to call my home
I have no friends I have nobody
I create the sadness that resides in side me
I did not come from a happy home
Ive been alone with no place to go
But to create is my escape
To just site down and interlace
The hands of time with my corrupt mind
To spew out whatever I happen to find
I write because its all I own
This block of mind inside my soul
To create something brand new
To convey my message to all of you
They may have beat me, they may have bruised me
But they cannot break me nor abuse me.
I never let them inside my mind
The solitary claim that is mine.
The power of the mind is great
Just set your mind and u will relate
I may procrastinate but I have drive,
I do not watch the clock fly by
What I don’t do today
I find tomorrow has its way
Ive seemed to get side tracked already
So let me tell you something heavy
Ive been alone all my life,
Ive had nobody by my side
My mother didn’t love me
My father didn’t love me
But I get by on my own
Because one day I wont be alone
I fail to forever be a loser
But I wont resort to being the abuser
I will take these to hands of mine
And shape up something that can define
All that is truly me,
Just wait, and in time you will see
Determination and heart
Is all it takes to create that spark,
don’t sit on go and just cruise slow
Hit the gas and make it go
Put behind you the hateful past
And set your self your own path
We cannot let them break us
Nor can we let them shake us
Only you can speak for you
don’t let them take that from you
No dream is to big or small
No dream is stupid at  all
What you want is what you want
And in time you may get distraught
But hold tight to the dreams you dream
Its okay if its main stream.
don’t let anyone control your life
Or push you to use the knife
I know its hard to comprehend
But if they hurt your there not your friend
Some of us are just so lonely
To pick and choose our company
Its better to be alone,
Than in a crowd and still be cold
The point is that we make who we are
don’t let anyone else set that bar.

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1 comment

kha-shit 6/4/2013 - 10:32 am

You never fail to create a profound piece of art, you don’t waste a single word. I liked the theme of the poem and the deeper message it conveys. The acceptance of intentional or unintentional isolation and the ideas, thoughts and art that is a product of it. The streaks of hopefulness in it, a hope for a better future. It’s an appealing juxtaposition of concepts. Although, I could totally be misinterpreting your poem, and if that’s so disregard my analysis completely.

I live for your art, keep on writin’ SG 😉

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