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here’s a weird one

by Tormenting Dreams

This is going to sound a little weird, and i wish i had gone my whole life in ignorance of this fact.
but i didnt.
so you wont either.
So here we go:

The day my dad told me he was sleeping with my sister has to be the oddest day of my life.

My step mom and my dad never really got along as far as i knew, and the night had started off with them getting into a fight and her storming off.
it was just my dad and i left at the house, my step mom had taken her kids and left while my sister was off with some of her friends.
so like all responsible parents, he took me drinking.
we went on down the hill where there was a vineyard i worked at, my boss Sam and my dad were good friends.
so we popped some tabs and drank and talked.
sam was a rather interesting fellow, he was old blooded indian and the way he carried himself was funny as hell. i always liked hanging with sam on the off hours.
after a few to many and a handful of hours went by, we decided to head on home. The thing is the trip going down is easy, because well your going down hill.
now going up sober is a tiring thing in itself, now when your a little tipsy and the world likes to fuck with you by randomly turning this way and that. it gets rather…. interesting.
So my sixteen yr old self and my 48 yr old dad are leaning on eachother and using eachother as a sort of crutch.
now we all know both people cant really be leaning on eachother.
so we stumbled and tumbled up the hill, and when he got to the top it was almost an easy walk home.
a few sways here and a land on the ass, your good.
So my dad starts talking all deep about his hopes and dreams for his family, all seemed good. until he decided i was a priest taking confessionals.
now the next part of this, is not intended to be an erotic turn on for the freaks, i think its rather important to know the exact statement he made:
He said: “now you have to understand me, it was not my intentions to do anything with her. we were out walking and talking one night, much like you and i are now. and out of the blue she dropped to her knees and had my cock out before i could do anything about it. she had it out and in her mouth and i wanted to stop her. but i couldnt”
my drunk ass was standing there like WHAT THE FUCK.
i really didnt know how to take that, let alone how to respond and hes standing there staring at me, and he just looked so sad.
at that moment i wanted to believe it was all a mistake and that he never wanted it.
gullible kids right?
all i said in response was “oh”
he went on for another five minutes about it and made me say i wouldnt tell anybody.
and for reasons still unknown to me i havent, well now i am but you guys dont know me.
Sadly hes my flesh and blood, and hes to stupid and useless to look out for himself  i guess i felt it was my responsibility to look after him.
and no one likes a snitch anyway

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RealTalk30 7/9/2013 - 9:50 pm

I think I just heard a ton of bricks hit the floor! ..how’s your back feeling now? 🙂 must be some kind of relief?

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