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trigger finger

by Tormenting Dreams

Where did it start?
That is the questions that run through many minds. And really I have no answer, so many events lead up to the eventual tipping point all is lost in translation.
For many the beginning comes shortly before the end, where as mine goes all the way back to the start of my existence.
Oh how the mother and father were so happy to procreate and bring life into this filth ridden world we all call home, with the diseases and plagues walking the street. Vile dissension so thick it suffocates all those involved. How society loves to paint this as normal.
Its funny how so many fight for the title of normal when all of us are so estranged and far apart from each other there really is no set standard for normal.

With or without my knowledge every event in my life lead me up to those last days, I didn’t realize it until much later, and that is the key to this whole thing.

It doesn’t take much to pull the trigger, oh how others would argue differently. But when you are put in the situation where you have the choice to either pull it or not: you pull it.


I don’t know, this is just something i wrote a while back, it seems like it would be fitting of this place.



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namoz 7/13/2013 - 8:33 am

I got answer! Mom and dad bring me to this world. Later I died. So,.. the cause of my death is mom and dad?

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