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by self tormented

My brain won’t stop dancing amongst the putrid errors my fucked up self has made in the past. Like ever, seriously.


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engfi 8/2/2014 - 7:01 am

Same iv had so little sleep last few days but fuck it il sleep when am dead

iRuiz55 8/2/2014 - 11:14 am

I’m not an insomniac but every single day I think of every stupid decision I have made in the past its like my brain just won’t allow Me to be happy n enjoy life it has to keep taking me to those times that have led to this shitty sad lonely life I am living now

Frightened Eyes 8/2/2014 - 12:56 pm

You have to forgive yourself. We’ve all done terrible things. Every single one of us. It’s okay. Punishing you does nothing. Let it go. I hope you get some sleep/rest. I feel your pain. I have been there. And I’m sure I’ll probably go back to that place at some point. But for now…forgive yourself for no one but you.

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