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all i wanna do is die. SO fucken tired!

by secret me

i’m fucken sad period. i could never pin point the cause of my sadness but i think it might be a series of things.
1) I got disqualified
2) i keep failing my exams from all of my classes because i cant seem to really input my self into my studying time.
3) i don’t have a path or any direction on what path i want to take for my future.
4) i don’t have friends
5) i feel ugly
6) i feel like a loser
7) My family hates me
8) Nobody likes me
9) i have the same routine every single day
10) im not good in anything
11) im a necessity
12) i feel like i don’t belong
13) im a bad person
14) i don’t understand anything and anybody
15) i hate myself because i can’t kill myself

blah blah blah blah blah

These examples might not seem so bad but im honestly fucken alone ALL the time and i try really hard to do ok in school yet i manage to screw it all up.

honestly ive been sad since i can remember and all i want to do is fucken kill myself. just go into my closet and hang myself and die. Or get fucken rand over by a car and die. Just die any sort of way idc im not picky.

i don’t belong anywhere i was a mistake at birth, i was never meant to be alive.

If your wondering, “why not just kill myself?” well I CANT idk if im a fucken coward, i just can’t. I fucken tried but ones i start to actually black out i stop.

I just cant seem to survive this place i am in mentally.
Everywhere i turn there is always violence.

dude im just fucken tired. idk wtf to do.

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