So Terminated My Account

  January 29th, 2017 by sadlife958

As a lot of you know me I have never had a girlfriend in my life I am 26 hard working, passionate and a friend for everyone. I was recommended to match by some good friends however it didn’t work here are my conversations and results

Screenshot_20170125-084658_1This girl was one of the few girls who had replied to me out of the 70 girls I messaged and when you see the “Read” it means your comment was already viewed. As you can see this is what she thought and I don’t know how to respond to rejections.


Out of every girl this one was the most nicest and honest even though I was still rejected I wish she finds that guy that she dreams to have a future with from the bottom of my heart. Ok moving on to the girls who chose not to respond Screenshot_20170125-213950_1this was one of the girls that ignored me. As you can see she read my comment on the 20th of Jan and didn’t reply I was pissed so five days later I commented “Never mind FUCK YOU” finally she replies I know it wasn’t nice but it got to me some time after I get this email Screenshot_20170127-105519

Short time later I tried logging in and Screenshot_20170127-093339go figure being single is all that’s good for me

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