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Into Darkness

by breaking_the_cycle

Fate balances in my hands

A swaying lover

Caught up in the embrace

A flick of the wrist

Is all that it takes

To the darkness I awake

Nowhere fills the rear view mirror

As the answer

Makes itself clear

My future has become

Stained with your blood

The scars of tomorrow

Forged in the fires of tonight

As bells ring in the distance

Marking the end of a life

In your memories

I’ll try to hide

Shut out the world

To find something greater

Than this pain

But hollow hope will leave me afloat

To drown

In this mess I’ve made

Now home

Isn’t a place I stay

It’s a feeling

That’s washed away

The past has long since passed

Me by

Just a faint flash of pain

Hidden inside

These eyes

Keep on searching them

But you won’t find me

This straight jacket smile

Is so bright it’s blinding

The distraction in place

So i can finally make

My escape

To the darkness I awake



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