You Don’t Know What’s Good For You

  August 19th, 2017 by Angel of Life

WARNING: It is not enough if you have read these techniques.  You must put actually put the techniques into practice! Everyday we are expected talk softly to suicidal people and treat them as though they are rational and understand how the brain works. They don’t. If you don’t understand that you REALLY don’t know about mental illness and you better read carefully to the end. You are the only one who can fix this and unfortunately you have no training, education or experience to do so, and the disease you have actually tries to stop you from fixing it. I was depressed until the age of 18. I have strong family genetics for anxiety and depression, most of my family is depressed, I was diagnosed with spinal cord cancer two years ago, falsly arrested on two felony charges a year ago, got kicked out of university automatically and honestly could not be happier. I wake up everyday really excited. Don’t worry, my cancer is stable, I was accepted into a better school, and the photo and video evidence I had eventually exonerated me. I attend UC Davis. I have dealt with depression and have tried to kill myself when I was younger. I still deal with chronic pain from the 4 years of cancer growing in my spinal cord but it is now well managed with medications.

Here’s what’s good for you:

-BIG ONE-Immediate medication treatment. If you have a family history or genetic predisposition you are going to need a 24 hour friend to boost you along your journey. If you are even sad enough to be on this site, the benefits of the safe effective medicine for your mental illness is just a GP or Primary Care Doctor away. You don’t know anything about medicine even if you think you do. Unless youre a Psychiatrist which is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of mental illness. Providers will typically start with an SSRI. Like Prozac or similar. Take exactly as prescribed, never skip a dose, when you start feeling better do not stop. Go up on the dosage to maximum until there is no more benefit. Remember, if you are takinf medicine and its not working, then its not working. You need to let your provider know so they can switch or go up.

Cut the negative out of your life. All those suicidal and depressed friends you made? Yeah they’re no good for you. Who you surround yourself with is consistently shown to impact us in ways we can’t even imagine. You don’t have to cut contact, but you should move on to healthier friends. This is not cruel. Everyday that you’re not happy is an immediate crisis that requires changes to be made.

Make deep friendships in which you feel bonded. If you cannot make friendships read an outline of Dale Carnegies famous 1930’s book How to Make Friends and Influence People or better yet go on youtube and listen to the fantastic audio book.

Face Depression as you would the Nazis. Its a war for your life. You must be strategic and objective. The bar you should set is maintaining happiness, not alleviating depression.

Choose your placebo and take it everyday. Whether its orange juice or a vitamin. Tell yourself that this substance is helping you to get well and visualize it.  It will work beyond your wildest imaginations.

Become the ultimate interrupter. In your brain whenever you hear negative thoughts or core beliefs which are unhealthy and untrue such as “Im not lovable” or whatever it is, you are going to engage in self propoganda. You are going to interrupt that thought by saying kindly to your brain. “Thats not true.” And then you are going to replace it with the positive correct thought, which is the one which will help you best succeed. If you fail at something and feel a pang of pain you’re going to shake your head as though shocked, and teach your brain the correct way of thinking by repeating over and over again and visualizing pretty much the opposite.

Learn about Learned Helplesness, and make yourself an expert in cognitive traps. Like over generalizing, or mindreading, or black and white thinking, or self blame, or shoulda woulda coulda, or believing thoughts are real and important. They’re not, they’re just thoughts. Or Emotional Reasoning.

Eat Probiotics or take Pre-biotics. Reputable studies indicate that having these bacteria in our system is very effective at relieving anxiety and depression. Thats either live yogurt or the pre biotic powder if you can’t afford the yogurt. Note if you are going to go the yogurt route you’re going to need to eat it pretty much everyday.

Start every day with positive self talk outloud. Say your name a lot and give yourself reassurance. “You are really strong. Incredibly strong. In fact I’ve never met anyone so strong. You’re capable of anything if you actually think about it.”

Exercise everyday and feel good about it. Not hard or to lose weight or to get fit. Just to make yourself happy.

Remember: This is not who you are. Depression is not a normal part of a personality. But it has certainly colored your personality. You may be afraid of being happy because we are comfortable with the familiar and you might feel that pills and these techniques will change you. They will. They will alleviate your pain and take away the shitty part of your personality to uncover the wonderful being masked and smothered by not being happy.

PS. Do Not let the fear of prescription drugs stop you! SSRIs are $4 bucks a month at walmart. With no insurance. You MUST become an expert in the medicines you take and understand how they work. A patient sent home with the starting dose of ssris is EXPECTED to get side effects. Those are supposed to disappear or great reduce by 4-5 MONTHS. And you will not feel the full effect OF THE DOSE YOU ARE ON for at least 4 Weeks at which time you will keep going UP until benefits stop. Expect to be near the max dosage of this very safe drug.






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