Checkmate i lost

  October 12th, 2017 by Jmann66

Tell you guys a story when i was about 4 or 5 i used to have an reacurring dream where i would instantly fall asleep and this dark tunnel would appear but it wasnt a dream it was a tunnel to hell and demons around me and i could never wake up it was so dark and evil for weeks the same shit never ever did i forget that and now 39 i wonder did that act was it a curse that has followed me my whole life as im ready to end it if i die will that same tunnel be there waitng i never hurt anybody or messed with people i just love the kittens i miss my cat toby he was the one thing in the world that brought me hope and happiness everything else could fuck off and that fat **** ended up keeping him with her new ****** im not gonna make it guys i cant keep this up my heart is not there anymore this isnt depression its worse no words to explain it i cant go on i have nothing but pure pain and suffering i hope im dead by tomorrow cause im sick of the same worthless bullshit everyday trash job fucked up family fucked up everything why all i wanted was a decent home my cat my xbox and some cable instead i had retarted fucking ex who wanted her nasty ***** ate out thats WHAT SHE BASED THE BREAK UP. OVER WTF GOD WTF i have lost tthe will to live the afterlife is gotta be better than this oh and AKRON OHIO IS A FUCKING GHETTO ASS PIECE OF SHIT HELL STAY AWAY BUT LEBRON JAMES IS FROM THERE SO FUCKING WHAT THESE PEOPLE CAN SUCK MY DICK FUCK IT ALL JUST WANT SOME FUCKING PEACE HOPE I GET IT WHEN IM DEAD

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