i don’t have any goals in life..

  November 13th, 2017 by death bunny

this is something that bothers me lately, since i’ve got out of a four-year relationship.
i don’t know how to proceed in life. nothing excites me, and i can’t find interest in anything. i don’t have any motivation to do anything, and i don’t really have any hopes or dreams.
when i was in this relationship i had someone else to care for, but when it’s me and myself – i couldn’t care less.
i feel really bad about everything, and going out, socializing, makes me feel worse.

seriously, the only reason i’m still here is because of my son. i don’t want him to have a bad start in life, but really i’m just passing my time doing nothing most of the time.
it’s just that life isn’t so inviting. even if i choose life, i’m not given a chance.
and for last, a very relatable quote from “the smiths”: “and when you want to live, how do you start? where do you go? who do you need to know”?

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