intermission: volume one

  November 12th, 2017 by lover

“the suicide project”. i don’t know what the initial intention was, but it pains me—reading the countless stories of tragedy shared here.

for me, personally, i use this website as an open diary. i chose this website in particular because of its privacy, yet constant activity—near instantaneous feedback. i don’t share everything—or much at all, for that matter—but i find solace in my melancholy, curating the bittersweet of my day-to-day mundanities into three hundred carefully-chosen words or less. i write because pain in the format of poetry has proven easier for me to swallow.

i hope my words evoke emotion—i hope i can manifest feeling within those who take the time to read or reply—despite it not being the original purpose, my impact is important to me. i hope i can be some sort of help.

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