Same Ole Same Ole

  November 8th, 2017 by LMNO

Hey all, haven’t posted in a while, just the occasional response. I recognize a few screen names from when I was more active, n maybe a few of you me? Nothin really new here just felt like writing. Nothins that bad, when looked at from afar. I’d still prefer to die but I’m not activity suicidal (unfortunately).

It’s a little funny actually, I anxiously anticipate every weekend like they’ll never end. Like I can lay around til death forever. Or it’s Saturday, maybe I’ll never wake up.  Then Sunday comes to a close, I check my fantasy football scores one last time  and it all begins again.

Idk, maybe this weekend I’ll be one of those victims of a seemingly routine mass murders.(btw, I heard they’re calling any shooting with more than 4 victims a mass murder). N Ya, I know it’s a terrible thought but cmon, if you’re gonna take this course of action couldn’t you at least get me my exit?


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