Sleep is like a free trial of death – a shitty poem

  November 14th, 2017 by mike32

I like sleep.

I always liked sleep.

You just go to bed.

No worries, no obligations. Anything that required attention is just left as is.

It’s the end of the day; it’s over. Anything that had to be done is put to rest.

There’s nothing to do, nothing to be anxious, nothing to feel pressured , nothing to feel guilty, nothing to rush, nothing to do wrong, nothing to fuck up.

You lie down and rest. You forget everything.

At least you try to.

You wish it isn’t one of those nights when you feel you need to analyse everything. What went right, what went wrong? What could I have differently?

Normally you do just that.

But not tonight.

Tonight you sleep. This time. This time you don’t wake up.

Everything just stops.

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