What do you think makes you?

  November 29th, 2017 by whatshouldmynamebe

What do you think makes you the way you are?

Are your thoughts nature or nurture?

Do you think the chemicals in your brain, create your thoughts, and therefore, your personality?

many of the meds that many people on this site are on, can cause emotional and personality changes, by simply changing the chemical make up of the brain. Does this lead you to think that the way you act, your ability to learn and adapt are all just the chemical make up of your brain.

For example, people with debilitating ADD into adulthood have been seen to have several problems with the dopamine in their brain. Leading to impulsive behaviour, memory and attention problems and a general feeling of lack. These affects lead to greater risk of suicide, depression ect. However, that impulsiv-ness and inattention becomes/ is their personality.

So is the way people act, is individuality just brain chemicals?




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