why’s life so boring?

  November 14th, 2017 by traitorofrealms

i swear i would love to live but what I’ve been given as my “life” is so fucking boring. every time something happens that makes me happy for once and then it just slips from my hands and i am left with the same boring shit i always had. like i’m saying, good things happen but they don’t stay. i was moving to a different city which would’ve made me way less bored but couldn’t because i am struggling financially, i finally made up with an old friend of mine that i talked to for hours on one sitting but she refused to stay and left. i’ve many more instances of stuff happening that make me happy but then shit goes south and i’m back to square one but i don’t even see the point of writing them the fuck down. the problem is that it never makes me sad, it makes me angry all the time. i don’t know whether you can keep getting sadder and sadder or not but it’s only a matter of time before something happens if you keep on getting angrier. trust me i know about that.

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