hypothermia – A unique oppurtunity. thoughts?

  December 5th, 2017 by whatshouldmynamebe

A friend of mine had a trip to switzerland for some snowboarding booked for early janaury . After a career change he can no longer go and is essentially selling me the trip at a discount.

I was originally going to hang myself, but now I have a unique alternative. My plan is now to get drunk and go on an off trail secluded night hike. I’ve done lots of research into death by hypothermia and it seems the only unpleasant part is the beginning, and the rest is peaceful and even relaxing.

I always felt intense guilt in anticipation to my familys reaction to my suicide. I now will not leave a note essentially making it look accidental. make it look like i got lost or something. I think it will be pretty serene to have my last moments be in the swiss alps

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