Updating as promised + Advice, study related

  January 30th, 2018 by Urm8451n

Tomorrow is the beginning of February, which holds with in it 4 major finals.

To start with I want to say sorry for the last disturbing posts.
I use uppers [- Ritalin- ] to treat my ADHD, and it definitely causes heavy downs and other irrelevant side effects.

I’ve promised to update: I decided to let go of this site for a while, let go off whatsapp, facebook, 9gag and etc.
I know myself, and I know what I need for my own good.

Plans motivates me best, and I will from now on, focus on the studying and on the craving of achieving 100.
—- For who ever has hard times doing so, my advice is to ask your self each day, in random times: “What am I doing for it?” “Am I studying?” “What were my last questions about each subject?” “Am I able to answer those questions right now?” ” Did I read enough?”.
I know how different is studying from doing something physical as sports or so. You challenge your mind more than your muscles and don’t have any good scale to know your exact level at the moment. I advice for who ever that struggles with studying is to remind himself what is the main object, and how would he FEEL like if he would succeed. The imagination [of succeeding, and the feeling of it] can help get your focus back at hard times.
Education is one of the basics tools for life getaway.
Some monopolies sources of depression can be caused of monetary problems and/or lack of “potential fulfilled in the eyes of the self”. Those mono’ can be treated the outcomes of fine education.

Wish you all well, stay strong, be brave. Yours for ever – Jac.

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