at my lowest low.

  February 5th, 2018 by sympathizeddd

found this website while searching for ways to overdose painlessly.. im writingthis when i’m crying so sorry if it’s kind of mushed together. i feel like such a burden on everyone i talk to because i’m sad all the time and i just want to disappear. imtoo scared to try to fall asleep because ill havenothinf but the thoughts in my head so here i am at 1am going through this suicide discussion page relating to thecposts ive eaten almost nothing today and ihavent even left my bed my energy is gone i can’t even manage to soak in the sadness socinfeel so empty i don’t know what to do anymore im on two antidepressants I have a therapist and my depression is worse than it’s ever been im getting suicidal thoughts daily. this is the first time i’ve considered it but how bad do you have to be to go into a mental hospital? im close to doing something and i’m so scared.

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