Im just so tired of fighting

  February 8th, 2018 by Ellen87


My entire life ive had to fight for everything, anything and for/with every1. And im just too tired to keep doing this. My life has always been a struggle. Struggle with myself, people, money and living situations. Im a cook who makes 10 an hr with no benefits and he moved me to part time hours to save even more money. Its the lowest paying cook job i ever had n it takes me almost 45min to get there. So ive been applying for other jobs n its funny how even with my numerous yrs in food service, im still having issues gettin employers to hire me. Like hey im working, im a cook but i want better pay/benefits but youre saying im ineligible for the cook/dietary aide position? What is it about me thats not suitable for the job, a job that i am even currently doing?!?

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