February 11th, 2018 by DepressedFilipina

Today my **** heard about this idol who committed suicide. She said and I quote “Maraming nag-aagaw buhay tas papatayin niya lang sarili”

Wtf? What a nice mindset. Great way to start off a conversation about depression but of course unless you want the person to kill her/himself without thinking too much about it.

You know what? Dont you dare compare the feelings of someone depress with someone else because we all have different demons inside us, we’re all in different levels of hell, we dont fight the same battle and we’ll never be.

She even added “bakit wala ba syang pamilya? Kaibigan? Sinasarili niya kasi”
The type of words I wished I wouldnt hear to someone related to me, seriously.

Do you think thats that easy? That if you share your problems with someone, it would be solve already? Fuck who the hell taught people that kind of thinking. Coz boy, you could never measure someones sadness not just because you’ve heard some of it doesn’t mean you could erase every bit of it.

12-19-2017 (7:42PM)

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