i really dont feel like being around anymore (vent)

  July 3rd, 2018 by em88

im so stressed right now. im always messing up stuff and it really sucks. my best friend backstabbed me because i did something really stupid that i shouldnt have done. my girlfriend is growing distant. i have other issues too. a close friend killed herself about a year ago, i miss her a lot and i hate the act of suicide but i feel like i might have to resort to it. i dont think ill ever go through with it though, im staying alive for my parents, the friends i have left, and my cat. i think i might end it all soon though because theyre getting old (my legal parents are my grandparents) and they both have bad bad health issues and might die soon :(. my biological mother doesnt give a shit about me and she left me for drugs. i barely get to see my sister now, because she is in custody with her piece of shit coke selling dad. i know im only a kid and that people have worse problems than me and i shouldnt be like this but i really dont see the appeal to staying alive anymore. nothing really gives it much meaning anymore.

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