September 17th, 2018 by Lillian_Jean

I have recently moved to a new home in a new city with my parents, and my boyfriend of three years. I have only just lived with my parents prior to this and have had similar feelings in the past few years. In the last city I was in, I had a decent job and so did my boyfriend. I had planned all would go smoothly and I would be able to move out of their home and my boyfriend and I could buy a home shortly. But my dad got another job forcing my parents to need to move, I originally thought i could stay back and make it work where we were, hopefully I would be okay to support myself without them but that seemed like a scary idea given the short timeframe I had. In the end my boyfriend decided he would move with If i decided to move with my parents and so we moved. Almost instantly upon the move I felt a strong pressure on my lungs like mini panic attacks all the time. I feel stuck here and I can’t breathe. I have been here a month and I am still looking for a new job, My parents are both home all day and so am I for now. My dad more specifically has a very demanding personality without noticing it. He basically always needs someone with him to help with the most menial task, and with me home he assumes I am always there to do whatever he asks so i have no breathing room, and my boyfriend hates it because it’s like i can never just relax with him. i just feel panicked because I can’t find a job and I want to save up so badly to move out asap. It’s just hard to find a moment to just breathe. i am being choked from the inside out.

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