Really Struggling..

  September 25th, 2018 by soul_pilgrim

I feel very alone in this world. I have experienced already a lot in life, the good and the bad. I am still in my late twenties, but I feel like I have lived long enough. I don’t really have a desire to continue with life. I feel incredibly guilty, because I do have a good life. But I just don’t want it. It’s really exhausting for me to live.. I don’t want to cause any harm or pain to anyone.. but living is really painful for me. I just wish I would have never been born. I also really don’t want to die painfully or violently. I just want to peacefully end this existence.. not just to vanish. I want to celebrate everything I was given in this life, say thank you to every person who touched my heart, feel deep gratitude, see the beauty of earth one more time and then just be done with it.

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