The winds I felt on my longsleeve

  September 23rd, 2018 by Mimo

I sat there as the wind blew passed my glasses, staring deep into the lake as my thoughts pour into my pupils. All I think is how the lake felt in my lungs as I jumped in, landing flat against the waters surface, numbing my body periodically as my tears fused with the sheer ice of the waters. The wind blew the water towards the land and my body crashed into each individual rock, cracking my vertebrae therefore opening my mouth to release blood in exchange for water.

He wants me to drown, not me. He keeps stabbing me, he slits my throat as he pins me against the wall, grinning intensely because he’s aware he’s won. It gets louder all of the voices and I don’t know how to control my thoughts I just want to be calm I need to run away I don’t want to think anymore please just let me go.

I sat there, the wind against my long sleeve, supposed to be happy to see her. But all I could think about is dying.

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