Does my best friend hate me?

  February 19th, 2019 by rawan

alright so I’ve known this person since we were kids, we were always considered “besties” because we would hang out and talk all the time, but the thing I’ve noticed about her is that sometimes she just says something so mean out of the blue?? like for no fucking reason she would insult me, and then be like jk, and we once had a fight because of this and she said that I was being dramatic, I stopped talking to her for a while until she apologized and we were “best friends” once again, but the comments never stopped, she always makes me feel so shitty about myself, if I list everything wrong with her I’d never stop, I hate her, I really do, and I have a feeling she does too, but I’m afraid that I’m overreacting and might end a friendship that lasted for a long time for nothing.
I actually do want to end this toxic friendship but idk how.. I see her every summer break and it’s just gonna be awkward as fuck when we meet, I’m lost honestly, I tried not talking to her as much because when I do I just end up getting hurt by one of her “jokes”
I mean we are still friends now only because its been so long since we’ve known each other, so it’s hard to find a way to end it now. I just want to know what those shitty comments mean.. maybe she always hated me and couldn’t stand me and I just never got the hint, I don’t really know.

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