I don’t believe in friendship

  April 3rd, 2019 by Walkingghoul1739

This summer, two friends of mine seemed to become overly skeptical of me…. They seemed to always hint and nudge that they felt that I was a “*****”. I went from enjoying spending time with each of them to only seeing them grow more and more restless and uneasy around me and seeming to insult me at any given opportunity, and often for no reason at all.

One day I got sick of it and stopped talking to each of them. I went from hanging out with these 2 kids that I had been best friends with since pre school (we are now 23) almost every single day to never speaking with them and I haven’t voluntarily hung out with them since the summer time. So its been months. I honestly feel liberated and feel I should have done it sooner. I now just speak to and spend time with other people I consider myself friendly with and will only continue to do so so long as there exists mutual respect.

The other 2 guys that I more or less threw away ended up sorry about it. One of their girlfriends even reached out to me asking me why I wouldnt answer her boyfriend and to tell me how upset he is over the whole thing. I didn’t give her a legitimate answer. “sucks for him” I thought. If he really treasured the friendship so much, why did he never act like it while I was still giving him the time of day?

As for the other friend, he was at least man enough to reach out to me directly. He told me he wasn’t sure what he had done and why we went from being together all the time to barely ever seeing each other. I didn’t give him a legitimate answer either, really. Once again, where was all this kindness and concern when he still had the chance to give it to me?

As of now, I dont really feel bad over anything I’ve done. I genuinely believe I’ve never done a harmful thing to anybody before unless they’d had it coming. Just interested to hear other’s thoughts. I’ve never really discussed the situation at length with anyone.

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