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I dont need to live to be happy.

by ready2gohome

What will be left after the phsical body. Your thoughts you soul. Why should I be scared of dying wheb death is the beginning of another life. You feel I feel it we all feel it. I have been on esrth enough and im sick of it tuly. Im not mad sad or happy. I am ready to go home. I have had enough of the rude its time to find a new ride if this was a choice to live this life I have now I must have forgotten ehy I ask god to give it to me so I just want to go back to god and say sorry I thought I wanted this but I didnt. I dont want anything elese but to be free from the eyes of society I eant to be free from the freedom of choice. I want be free from this physical body its taken me as far as I want and its shown me everything that life has to offer. There is more elsewhere. I let go of family, sex, stuff aants, needs, mobey, drwams, ambitions etc etc etc. Its all chasing the wind so I want to experiance something else. So people laugh and say do itwhats he matter your scared. People laugh and say dont do it you will regret it. I have heard it all I remain silient now no cop outs no attention needed. Scared yes fearful of failing to do the act fearful of botching rhe job fearful of pain. I didnt design it this way but I deserve a painless peaceful death and so does everyone on this planet.

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rivets 10/9/2019 - 3:26 pm

I’m pretty sure once you die, that’s all she wrote, the curtains fall and an endless stream of nothing that nobody can see, feel, hear, or think about descends. Just poof, gone.

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