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The Tunnel to Darkness

by osokabu

I look into the mirror. I’m already dead. I’ve been dead for a really long time. Maybe my folks don’t know it, or my “friends.” But I know it. My body is decrypted, my teeth are gone, my body is dying, my brain is going crazy if not braindead by the time I’m writing this. Life is over as I know it. I already set a date one month from today. If your wondering what the date is, it’s not with a hot girl, or even chillin with homeys. This is the day I’m going to kill myself and I’m going to tell you all about the days leading to my suicide.


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Pink-gir1 12/13/2019 - 12:19 am

I know how you feel. The only reason I haven’t blown my brains out is bc I don’t want to do that to my family. I am just so tired of hurting.

Hadouken 12/14/2019 - 7:51 am

I hope you are still here. Death is not a way out, it is more pain. We are here to learn and grow from the experiences life throws at us, through pain and fear.. easier said than done. But if it were easy where is the lesson in that. Truly hope you are here <3

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