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by namrahellz

Why did you have to break the doll I loved so much?

The doll I made that moonlit night in ecstasy

Silly girl. I never meant to call you out.

It was plain to see the malice underneath.

I believed they saw as I did, a precious pearl

I believed they’d trade their bones for sapphire stones

Just for you

They said they love you

But they only want to cage your soul

Let me break their chains and set you free.

Don’t! Silly girl. Stop desiring the forbidden

And remove all that has been bound

Free yourself

See the other you

Those of you you’ve encased in those wretched dolls

It doesn’t matter what I do!

You have no say! Get away!

The dolls are here to stay, night and day!

Those wretched dolls

You’ve traded your own bones

For diamond stones

Stop! I don’t want to see that other me

Get away!

Why did you tear down my walls?

Don’t I get a say about what you were going to do to me? I

‘ll take the blame for this tragedy!

Don’t, just blame society.


All this anxiety clouding my heart

Ceaselessly coiling me Like a snake

It doesn’t matter.

I’ll die anyways.

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